6″ DTH Hammer Bits DHD360 / COP64 / QL60 / SD6 / MISSION60 Shank

Short Description:

1. High quality forging technology can improve the fatigue strength of the bit body.

2. High quality carbide and suitable size can ensure the stability of the bit carbide lifetime.

Product Detail

Product Tags


Bit Shank


Bit Face

Flat, Concave,Convex


Alloy Steel

Button Type

Spherical, Ballistic, Semi-Ballistic

Button Grade

Yk05, Kd10

Button Installation Method

Cold Pressing

Hole Size

152~203mm (Standard); 203-254mm (Oversize)


Mining, Quarry, Water Well, Geothermal Well, Piling, Foundation, Slope Reinforcement

Three Kind Of Bit Face And Two Kind Of Button Shapes Are Available

DTH - 2

Flat Face

DTH - 3

Concave Face

DTH - 4

Convex Face

DTH - 5

Spherical Button

DTH - 6

Ballistic Button

Flat Face
Application: Hard and abrasive rock formation.
Typical formation: Granite, hard limestone, basalt.

Concave Face
Application: Medium hard to hard formations. Less abrasive, fractured formations. Excellent control for hole deviation.
Typical formation: Granite, hard limestone, basalt.

Convex Face
Application: Soft to medium hard rock. Non abrasive formation. High penetration rate.
Typical formation: Limestone, hard limestone, shale.

DTH BIT Features

1. Excellent insetting technology ensures that the carbides will not drop out from the bit body.

2. Advanced heat treatment equipment and technology to ensure the stability of the bit body performance.

3. Special bit surface design, structure design and specific processing technology are adopted to ensure the service life of DTH bit for different rock formation.

DTH - 7

We can also supply other size bits with different shanks. If you need more information, please contact our sales for details. 

3.5”: DHD3.5, IR3.5, BR33

4”: DHD340, COP44, QLX40, TD40, SD4, MISSION40

5”: DHD350, COP54, QL50, SD5, MISSION50

6’: DHD360, COP64, QL60, SD6, MISSION60

8”: DHD380, QL80, SD8, MISSION80

10”: SD10, NUMA100

Large Diameter DTH BITS

The large diameter bits are mainly used in three applications: embedded prefabrication pile, long spiral pile and large diameter end bearing pile.

We can supply large diameter bits with different size and shanks:

12”: DHD112, SD12, NUMA120, NUMA125

14”: NUMA125

18’: NUMA180

24”: NUMA240

DTH - 8

Large Diameter DTH Bits Features

Wide applied for complex rock formation like caves, pebbles, fissures etc;

Drilling through hard rocks with high penetration rate;

Low air consumption.

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