Hot selling product recommendation – down the hole drill

The down the hole drill is called the down the hole drill because it uses the hammer and drill bit that are buried in the hole bottom to impact and break the rock. It is widely used in metal mines, hydropower, transportation, building materials, harbors and national defense projects. The down the hole drill can drill holes in rocks above medium hard (f ≥ 8). The drilling rig is relatively cheap, especially suitable for small and medium-sized open-pit mines

1. High cost performance. The impact energy loss of the machine does not increase with the lengthening of the drill rod. It can drill deep holes with large hole diameter, and the noise of the working face is greatly degraded.

2. The drilling quality is high. The drilling speed of the machine is fast, the degree of mechanization is high, and the auxiliary operation time is less, which improves the operation rate of the drilling machine and can drill medium hard or above rocks.

3. Reduce dust. The machine can be equipped with dry or wet dust collectors for rock drilling, which can effectively reduce dust pollution to the environment and protect the health of operators.

4. Centralized control console. The machine can be equipped with various types of down the hole impactors, and can drill blasting holes, pre splitting holes, anchor cable anchor holes, grouting holes, survey holes, etc. with different diameters, depths, angles and orientations. It has a wide range of applications and high drilling efficiency.

5. Strong adaptability to the ground. The machine is powered by diesel (electric) and hydraulic transmission to realize walking, turning, pushing (lifting) and angle adjustment. It has climbing ability and strong adaptability to rough roads

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Post time: Nov-28-2022