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  • Hot selling product recommendation – down the hole drill

    The down the hole drill is called the down the hole drill because it uses the hammer and drill bit that are buried in the hole bottom to impact and break the rock. It is widely used in metal mines, hydropower, transportation, building materials, harbors and national defense projects. The down the...
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  • Why choose large diameter down the hole drilling tools?

    When it comes to the mining operation site, you must have a picture in your mind: the noise is shocking and the dust is flying. If you look at our construction site, you will find that it is really good to be a quiet, refreshing and beautiful man. This is the biggest construction feature of our D...
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  • Reverse Circulation DTH Hammer Drilling Technique

    The reverse circulation DTH hammer drilling technique is an important constituent part of the Multi-Tech air drilling technology, and more importantly, it is a major break through of air drilling technology. It is combined with DTH impacting breaking rock, flushing medium reverse circulation and ...
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