Why choose large diameter down the hole drilling tools?

When it comes to the mining operation site, you must have a picture in your mind: the noise is shocking and the dust is flying. If you look at our construction site, you will find that it is really good to be a quiet, refreshing and beautiful man. This is the biggest construction feature of our DTH drilling machine – dust-free operation.

StrongPower: the air compressor has a large displacement (34 ³/min) and high air pressure (21bar), providing strong power for the impactor

Large Aperture: down the hole drill with the largest diameter (230-270 ㎜), large hole network parameters and large unit volume

High Drilling Rig: 10m for a single drill pipe, less times of pipe extension and short auxiliary time

TwoEngine Independent Control: the air supply system and the hydraulic system are controlled separately, and only the hydraulic system works when the machine is moved or transferred

Self adaptation: patented rock stratum adaptive technology, which automatically adjusts operation parameters according to rock stratum changes to ensure efficient drilling

Low Gas Consumption: less gas consumption of impactor, higher impact frequency, and 20% increase in drilling speed

Reliable Dust Removal with Less Dust

Dry type: large flow high speed fan, aluminum blade, large filtering area dust box, efficient centrifugal cyclone, patented anti top impact. Buffer rubber is installed inside the dust box and cyclone to effectively protect the filter element and cylinder; The box door handle nut and switch maintenance are more convenient

Wet type: ceramic plunger high-pressure water pump, high water pressure, long service life, water regulation in the cab

LargeSpace and Wide Field of Vision

Centralizedand Easy Control: the electric control buttons and hydraulic handles are finely arranged, with good human-computer interaction, and the LED screen of system parameters is integrated

High Air Conditioning Configuration: powerful cold and warm air conditioning, comfortable operation in the environment of – 35 ℃~45 ℃

Post time: Nov-28-2022